What makes great software?

Posted on April 2nd, 2015 / Uncategorized by Avizal

What is it that makes great software? Here at Avizial we ask ourselves this question every day. Making great software is what drives us to work meticulously on each project we undertake. This being our first post; what better topic to delve into? Here are three things Avizial strongly believes in:


At the core of every program, game, or software, is functionality. Does it do what you want it to do? The primary goal of the developer is to reach the user where they are. If it is a program, then it should facilitate tasks for the user. If it is a game, then in should be fun, exciting, captivating and entertaining.

Ease of Use

Using an app should not feel like solving a quantum physics equation. Now this does not mean that everything should be so dumbed down that the user’s intelligence is insulted. If it is a game we are referring to, it should be challenging. But even within the confines of a game, the menus should be easy to navigate, the options clearly visible. The software should do all the work possible, leaving to the user only what is absolutely essential.

Help and Support

Every software should be backed with ample support for the users should any issue arise. This support is two-fold: (1) Every software should be equipped with a thorough in-app help menu that is easy to navigate and is populated with relevant information regarding real problems encountered by the user. This requires a level of forethought on behalf of the developers. We think it is always important to put ourselves in the shoes of our users. We should never presume their level of tech-savvy. We should always cater to the most needy of our potential users. (2) A more personal support option should be available, where the user can contact the developers to get answers to specific or special problems. Great software requires a strong support system and the users should receive the highest quality attention should they require assistance.

Here’s to great software!